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etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE EYA No. 677 and EYB No. 679

2010 SiliconDreams

2010 SiliconDreams - San Sebastian / Spain (09.02.2010 - 21.03.2020) MISSION ETERNITY TAMATAR

120 KG overweight proper packed and listed. GOOD LUCK at customs! etoy.ZAI and etoy.SILVAN are on the way to San Sebastian to setup the next MISSION ETERNITY MILESTONE. For the first time, etoy presents the MISSION ETERNITY TAMATAR at the SILICON DREAMS Exhibition in San Sebastian.


TAMATAR voice brainstorm chat history

[1/25/10 8:45:57 PM] POL: Earth+Wind+Fire+Water for the mountaineer? http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=17645 
[1/25/10 8:57:48 PM] POL: walking steps: http://www.freesound.org/samplesViewSingle.php?id=25077 
[1/25/10 9:01:56 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: http://www.anawiz.com/ 
[1/25/10 9:02:09 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: i guess it would be really cheap to rent for a day] 
[1/25/10 9:03:55 PM] POL: otherwise, use a good microphone and press it onto the torax 
[1/25/10 9:06:09 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: yea :-) 
[1/25/10 9:16:02 PM] POL: typewriter sound + political words ? 
[1/25/10 9:16:17 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: interesting! 
[1/25/10 9:17:51 PM] POL: voice reading with rustling paper 
[1/25/10 9:18:17 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: or him "reading " the newspapers - rustling, breathing, sighing... 
[1/25/10 9:18:25 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: but tyhen we have to provide the narrative aside 
[1/25/10 9:23:02 PM] POL: angry/cursing: Emotional Recall. In acting, Emotional Recall is the calling of an emotion real/fake in order to execute your dramatic action. 
[1/25/10 9:50:54 PM] POL: I'd Like To Visit Spain One Day: Me Gustaría Visitar Algún Día Tu País 
[1/25/10 9:51:12 PM] Stefan Haefliger: i took that down ;-) 
[1/25/10 9:51:22 PM] Stefan Haefliger: soooooo cheezy 
[1/25/10 9:51:25 PM] POL: ;-) 
[1/25/10 9:52:20 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: That' more a general statement though: " I would like to visit one day the place you are coming from" 
[1/25/10 9:52:35 PM] Maja Petrovic-Steger: awfully cheesy 
[1/25/10 10:13:06 PM] POL: @guests: try to not think about penguins! 

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