etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 23-06-07



etoy at Art en Plein Air Môtiers 2007

The M∞ SARCOPHAGUS with the TERMINUS of Timothy Leary is accessible to the public daily at art môtier 2007, an outdoor art exhibition. etoy.AGENTS enjoyed the green context, the outdoor realism that places art right into the real world of grande complication watches, Absinth, and Swiss provincial charme.

Timothy Leary's mortal remains, in the form of the first MISSION ETERNITY TERMINUS, entered the SARCOPHAGUS on May 26, 2007. The TERMINUS is the last resting place of a PILOT and serves as access point to connect the SARCOPHAGUS with the ARCANUM CAPSULE (the digital remains). One M∞ TERMINUS UNIT assumes the role of a dead pixel (replacing the light and displayed information on the screen with mortal remains) and physically links to the info space behind the most mysterious curtain, hence connecting the tangible and non-tangible aspects of existence biomass and data. A status LED on each unit indicates visitor traffic and the back-up status (distribution factor) of the digital ARCANUM CAPSULE. In case of danger or data loss, the LED (blinking SOS signal) and a very minimal sound system generate attention and call for help. The TERMINUS can be seen on the left side when entering the SARCOPHAGUS.