etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 13-02-08



Madrid ARCO 08: etoy.ART-INVASION 2.0

etoy invades ARCO 08 Madrid! After a total failure to convince any art dealer to trade art with etoy.SHARES in 2004, we're back.

With the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, the art fair ARCO in Madrid receives an installation at its gates that connects the living art world with the dead.

From an economic perspective, etoy invades a contemporary art market driven more than ever by shiny names, fat parties, and cynical capitalism. By offering the etoy.SHARE we invite direct and unmediated participation in art production. More obvious than four years ago, MISSION ETERNITY provides the radical backdrop for etoy's call for risk sharing. Daring art collectors and investors can share the risks of art production, without middlemen: just down-to-earth investments in an art company that works out a new way to deal with memory (conservation/loss), time (future/present/past) and death.

By invitation of Fundacion Telefonica, the SARCOPHAGUS opened its doors in front of the international art fair ARCO in Madrid. For the second time, etoy agents infiltrated the bustling art fair with an intervention that involved massive containers and a crew of agents motivated to perform in an open and friendly city. The performances included a further test production of the TERMINUS of Timothy Leary. Again, etoy agents came in close contact with the royal family (within 10m) and gained insights into the business of galleries and art sales in one of the busiest fairs for the global art scene: due to the VIDA award, etoy received the opportunity to exhibit in the booth of Telefonica foundation. In many ways, however, acquisition interest by fair visitors was limited and showed the considerable work by gallerists in preparing and promoting such a fair within a network of art consumers. One of the learnings etoy took away was the need to open up for collaboration with a gallery in order to outsource parts of etoy’s market operations.