etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 18-05-04


etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE EYB No. 275 and No. 277

DAY-CARE camp Amsterdam

etoy.CORPORATION's education & training services are preparing for a major upgrade of its social division. 8 etoy.AGENTS in close collaboration with local experts convert 500 individuals (max.age: 10 years), providing them with an entry point into art production, identity design and electronic authorship.

the etoy.DAY-CARE education program equips etoy.JUNIOR-AGENTS with the tools necessary to out-produce today's most relevant social and technological problems. etoy researches identity issues, group behavior patterns and the creativity potential of children in digital environments.

each little test pilot will be outfitted with a protection suit, various etoy.TOOLS, its own identity tag (an individual encrypted 2D-barcode) and a customized etoy.DATA-TANK online to grow a subversive identity-extension and a long term relationship with etoy.CORPORATION.

care personnel and in-house software agents will actively monitor the condition of each child and will stay in close contact with parents and human rights organizations.