etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 03-03-05


cooperation across etoy.AGENTS

etoy.INTERNAL-AFFAIRS handles all knowledge management functions for etoy.CORPORATION without being visible publicly. 85% of operations in research, development, and implementation take place in the virtual space and across time zones. This system has been responsible for a unique logic and aesthetic within etoy.CORPORATION since 1994. Globally distributed etoy.AGENTS (currently in Zurich, Lausanne, Vienna, Berlin, St.Gallen, Los Angeles, Boston, and New Delhi) meet rarely in physical space and count on a reliable information infrastructure to produce. etoy.INTERNAL-AFFAIRS administers all ideas, working drafts, construction plans, budgets, software components, style guides, corporate identity standards, manuals, business documents, contracts, communication, and more. The system features an integrated discussion forum and voting mechanisms and acts not only as the administrative backbone but also as the power apparatus of etoy.CORPORATION.

The conceptional and technical basis for etoy's online collaboration tool was initiated in 1997 in order to coordinate the planning and construction of the first etoy.CARGO-TANKS. While the planning was centered at the ETH in Zurich, the construction was carried out by four agents at the University of California at San Diego. Today's version of the system is built on an open source application by Bitflux. The complex and costly process of building a workable content management system does not create art market impact directly, but it allows etoy to stay one step ahead and think about collaboration strategies before they invade the shelfs in office and consumption software. Toywar was based directly on these internet collaboration technologies.