etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 15-02-04


ART FAIR ARCO 2004 MADRID: difficult sales conditions

While the infection of the local cultural climate, underground, and party scene as well as the educational landscape took place faster than expected, traditional Spanish art collectors hesitate to invest in intangible art assets such as etoy.SHARES. Wealthy customers still prefer old fashioned products such as unique oil paintings, photographs and sculptures. In reaction to the Arco sales crisis, and to avoid future recession or bankruptcy, the etoy.MANAGEMENT decided to focus on the long term development of the Hispanic market and develop personal relations with art market exponents off scene.

A large fraction of attention at Placa Colòn was attributed to children, teenage skateboarders and a retired audience, who spent leisure time understanding a complex cultural venture. In a spectacular rescue operation investors such as Markus Bon and members of the etoy.MANAGEMENT.