etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 19-06-05


etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE EYX No. 293 and EYB No. 297

Launch of Berlin 2005

together with its investors, etoy.AGENTS officially launched etoy's summer 2005 residency in Berlin - plug-and-play on top of the PLATOON camp at Weinmeisterstrasse in downtown Berlin.

the PLATOON premises offer outstanding working and recreational facilities: network access, bar, lawn, sandbox, and pool. more than 20 new etoy.MICRO-INVESTORS and visiting shareholders from northern Germany climed into the etoy.CARGO-TANK on Saturday night and learned first-hand about our upcoming operations.

On July 21, 10 etoy.AGENTS from all over the world gathered to discuss and vote on the strategy & content 2006. the etoy.GENERAL-MEETING-2005 takes place on the 35th floor of the PARK INN Berlin.

the group plans massive investments in MISSION ETERNITY - a multi user sarcophagus for the information age. So far, one beta test pilot (82 years old mr. keiser, microfilm pioneer from the city of zug) works with the crew on the production of the first interactive ARCANUM CAPSULE in which mr. keiser will be traveling trough space and time forever.