etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 15-02-03



interference patterns & artists as engineers

Los Angeles, Saturday Feb 15th: 33 hours after etoy opens its first satellite customer care center in Zurich (shedhalle, rote fabrik), and amidst "CODE ORANGE" terror warnings from the US president, the etoy.USA-BRANCH inaugurates it's CUSTOMER-CARE center in LOS ANGELES at the Armory Northwest. CUSTOMER CARE is part of the exhibition "interference patterns" organized by USC (University of Southern California) and is part of etoy's three parallel field tests (LOS ANGELES/ZURICH/PARIS) to refine target CULTURE-CUSTOMERS. etoy's toll-free software agents automatically respond to your most frequently asked questions about the etoy.UNIVERSE. To use etoy.CUSTOMER-CARE please dial, toll-free: 1.800.810.ETOY. etoy.ZAK (USA MANAGER), etoy.ZAI (CEO) will be on-hand in Los Angeles for a photo-shoot (shot @ HUMUNCULUS by Saam Gabbay & Mark Lipson) and to provide art-investors, culture-customers and fans with personalized assistance in becoming etoy.SHAREHOLDERS. Testing is scheduled to begin on sat, feb 15th 7PM at Armory Northwest, 965 North Fair Oaks, Pasadena.

etoy.AGENTS etoy.ZAI (CEO) and etoy.ZAK (USA BRANCH) made appearances in the symposium Artists as Engineers hosted at iDAT (Institute of Digital Art and Technology), a remote outpost of digital culture in the radically English city of Plymouth. The symposium was conceived around Walter Benjamin� 1934 essay The Author as Producer, which recommends that the 'cultural producer' intervene in the production process in the manner of an engineer. etoy� presentation updated Benjamin� �uthor as producer�model to �rtist as facilitator�which more accurately describes etoy� role as an agent facilitating experimentation, investment and participation with cultural value. The presentation included a preview of etoy.CUSTOMER-CARE, the telematic guide to the corporate sculpture etoy (please dial, toll-free: 1.800.810.ETOY) and etoy� internal communication platforms. Speakers included: CUKT [Piotr Wyrzykowski / a.k.a. Peter Styles], Mongrel [Harwood], Bureau of Inverse Technology [Natalie Jeremijenko], Redundant Technology Initiative [James Wallbank], and the The Institute of Applied Autonomy. The Artists as Engineers symposium is documented in DATA Browser 02: Engineering Culture: On 'The Author as (Digital) Producer, for which etoy made a special contrubition.