etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 01-05-02


etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE EYB No. 233, No.234 ans No. 226

Torino downtown

A group of subversive, trend setting nerds running a day care center? The etoy.PLAN to perform exactly this for the Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane (BIG), 2002 in Torino raised a lot of eyebrows; to put it mildly.

The concept was carefully tested on a group of selected children, age 5 through 7, which turned into an unmitigated disaster for the agent in charge. Installation incompatibilities, software scandals, technological upheaval and equipment explosions proved to have huge entertainment value for the kids and almost lead to an emergency room dispatch for agent.STAMBERGER.

Bad news can lead to good results and the flop made it very clear that a lot of energy had to be invested into the technical resilience of the project. But the big question wasn't answered: Would the etoy.CORPORATION succeed as the provider of cutting edge daycare services?

1200 Torino children, age 5 through 11, went through a half day of intensive media workshops and where trained as etoy.CHILD-AGENTS. Each and every one of those agent.TRAINEES can testify personally for the strength of the concept and its implementation. Articles in luminary papers, such as the NZZ, indicated strong interest by the press and in art circles. Invitations to Madrids ARCO and Amsterdams rewarded the group for the arguably most spectacular installation at Torinos Biennale, which also received the young art price 2002 from the Swiss ministry of culture. The success of the performance turned etoy.DAY-CARE into a globally recognized brand.