etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 08-10-99

eToys Inc. Vs. etoy

etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES EYB No. 126 and No. 135 and EYX No. 134

first hearing in the case eToys Inc. vs. etoy

excerpt from the press text:

number 16 of the largest US online commerce corporations, eToys.com, is suing etoy.com (without the "s"), the "digital hijack" artists from the net. eToys Inc.(with the "s") asserts that they are unhappy that US kids could get confused and exposed to those bad guys from europe. family values are at stake; Xmas shopping harmony and american capital against net art.

the real reason is A LOT OF MONEY and that eToys Inc. is mad about the fact that too many customers can't type in the domain name of the e-commerce site and too often forget to put the "s" in the end of the address. this is a problem of eToys' customers and marketing campaign and is not related to the operations and the interests of the etoy.CORPORATION (which is online since 1995 while eToys incorporated in 1996!).

a jury had to decide on the preliminary blocking of the domain www.etoy.com. but the case was sent to federal court (from where it returned back to state court: meeting 29.11.99).