etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 16-05-99


etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE EYA No. 56, No. 55, No. 111

nobody invests to lose money - www.etoy.com

5 major venture capitalists and art collectors from japan, the usa and europe signed investment contracts with the etoy.CORPORATION to realize the next steps of the operation "etoy: PREPARING FOR ETERNITY".

- Joichi Ito, Venture Capitalist, Japan: 7500 etoy.SHARES EYA
- Curator Suzy Meszoly, Melbourne / New York: 3800 etoy.SHARES EYA
- Collector Dr. Sirikit Amann, Vienna: 2400 etoy.SHARES EYA
- blasthaus, San Francisco: 2000 etoy.SHARES EYA
- Dr. Robert McIntosh, New York: 1800 etoy.SHARES EYA

*etoy.DISCLAIMER#0.2.1 "etoy.SHARES" are a revolutionary art product of the etoy.CORPORATION. this product does not follow the rules of ordinary financial markets at all. investing in etoy is a high risk game. every etoy.SHAREHOLDER is aware of the exclusive nature of the etoy.SHARES. experts do not recommend the etoy.SHARE as save investment for retirement pensions.

*etoy.DISCLAIMER#0.2.2 "etoy.SHARES/PRODUCTS": There are no other etoy.PRODUCTS available on the art market... etoy is the value. The SHARE is the art product.