etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 20-06-96



after a tremendous echo in the world wide media, first serious problems raised their heads:

CIA investigations on etoy started with house searches in vienna at 6.30 am on the 20th of june 1996. the newly established CIA bureau of investigation for net crime and digital terrorism started to investigate the digital hijack subject after a shock wave of blackmailing email arrived at the electronic mailbox of the president of the united states of america from the etoy.ANONYMOUS-MAILER (a service etoy established in 1996 so that the user could send messages without posting their official email address).

special agents from the austrian police department for anti-terrorist activity (in the name of the CIA) tried to find out what the hell was going on at the etoy.BRANCH in vienna. special agent Korrinek could not understand why etoy would do stupid things such as offering anonymous email services and organizing digital hijacks... (no wonder: he didn't even have a computer on his office desk... he did all his work by typewriter).

the etoy.LEGAL DEPARTMENT and the lawyer (specialized in art and media related cases) worked out a strategy that successfully delayed and finally stopped the investigations on etoy: etoy.AGENTS printed and submitted megabytes of useless log files from etoy servers and said that etoy was investigating the case internally.

the anti-terrorist task force was totally overwhelmed by 7 kilograms of printed log files. after 4 months they reported the end of the investigation.