etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 26-09-03





by etoy.MONOROM @ 26.09.2003 13:09 CEST
news flash: first 5 etoy.DNA-PATTERNS
entered RFLP process. intellectual
property contracts with donators of
endogenous material signed.

etoy.SHARE-VALUE breaks through the
magical 10 USD mark.

sealand/zurich - etoy.BIOTECH-AGENTS
enter the market place - open lab for
the press & investors.



september 26th/27th (18.00 to 24.00)
"SWAMP interactive wellness park"
by co-lab & dachkantine. information:


etoy.BIOTECH offers 20 etoy.SHARES
(value: more than 200 USD) to each
donator who provides a sample of
endogenous material (organic body-
fluid: blood, sperm or saliva) for the
production of an absolutely unique
artwork: the etoy.DNA-PORTRAIT
- processed at etoy.TANK-PLANT2.

donators (and future shareholders)
transfer all intellectual property
rights of their dna fingerprint and
all its consequential products to the
etoy.ART-COLLECTION and consent to
registration and patenting processes
of any kind. for contracts & details
consult etoy.LEGAL-AFFAIRS:

CALL +41(0)848 0000 24 or 1800810ETOY

etoy provides "nurses for nerds" and
presents its first biotech laboratory-
tank to investors and the press today.

quote etoy.MARCOS / business strategy:
"in the past 4 years the etoy.PRESS-
SPEAKERS were asked why etoy did not
exploit the spectacular biotech play-
ground. our answer was simple: the
etoy.CORPORATION does not enter a value
system without carefully studying its
nature and preparing financing,
workforce and management for such a
move. our aim is long term impact,
non-fake effects and art historical
relevance. the digital hijack and
toywar are much more than a fancy idea
or a provocative thrill. to really
twist and shake the industry code you
need cash, time and people who believe
in results. etoy penetrates markets to
make an impact. manipulation is a very
serious game."

etoy.BEN, director of etoy.BIO-LABS:
"etoy.BIOTECH-AGENTS are producing
individual patterns depicting the DNA
of new etoy.SHAREHOLDERS as a
characteristic DNA-fingerprint.
etoy.DNA-PORTRAITS are produced in
the etoy.TANK-PLANT by etoy.AGENTS
using the restriction fragment length
polymorphism (RFLP) method, which
digests the genomic DNA into an array
of DNA-fragments with differing sizes.
these fragments will be depicted on
an agarose gel and registered as an
individual pattern. all resulting
intellectual property rights are
transferred by a contract between the
donator and etoy.CORPORATION"

pictures and information will be posted
on www.etoy.com and feed.etoy.com

we look forward to do business with you

your etoy.MANAGEMENT