etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 22-02-00


etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES EYX No. 178 and No. 179 and No. 180

www.etoy.com is back !

after the dismissal of the insane LAWSUIT was signed by the judge in los angeles last week the TOYWAR.community elected 12 TOYWAR.generals and 45 TOYWAR.heroes who are right now proudly marching off the legendary battlefield (displayed on www.etoy.com).

their services are compensated with a huge amount of etoy.SHARES and plastic medals! all generals, heroes/heroines automatically reached full etoy.AGENT-STATUS and become official shareholders of the etoy.CORPORATION (documents, contracts and the rules will be sent out). 260 additional brave toysoldiers who reached more than 80 etoy.POINTS during this war were also awarded with the official etoy.AGENT-TITLE and become shareholders.