etoy.HISTORY-FILE: 16-08-09


etoy tears down the walls to eternity

The ARCANUM CAPSULES that existed up until this point in time have been accessible to the large public through a passive consumer-style read-only pattern. etoy decided to open up the currently active ARCANUM CAPSULES to the public not only for read-only activities but for active gathering of traces and to provide a first way of experiencing the ritual of "letting go".

The storage system providing the technical backbone for MISSION ETERNITY requires strong cryptography to ensure long term data survival. This has the consequence of making the addition of new content somehow impervious.

The MISSION ETERNITY GATE solves this issue by providing an interface for releasing emotional traces across the ultimate border to the broad public.


The GATE concept was developed during the etoy.RETREAT at HEILIGKREUZ/Entlebuch and it was technically implemented for public release at the ARS ELECTONICA '09 in Linz/Austria.

The GATE TO ETERNITY is publicly accessible at http://www.missioneternity.org/gate-to-eternity/.